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1.9 Crore Hindu Bangladeshis will enter Assam: Akhil Gogoi

Local leadership has weaken the anti-CAA agitation: Gogoi

Guwahati: With the Prime Minister of India announcing the withdrawal of the three controversial farm laws, the demand for the withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has now seen a rise. 

With the growing demands, Sibsagar MLA and peasant leader Akhil Gogoi said that the anti-CAA agitation should resume soon, and people should keep the demand firm to repeal the act just like the farmers of the country. 

Gogoi added that once the CAA is implemented, there will be chances of 1.9 crore Hindu Bangladeshis coming into Assam.

He added, “While I was in jail, the leaders and organisations leading the agitation in the state made the demand and protests weaker by various means. We saw that the farmers stood by their grounds, and the farm laws were taken back but not in the case of the CAA. The leaders weakened the agitation by various means.”

He added that the protests were taken to the play-ground instead of the streets. “I feel that the people leading the agitating during that time were afraid of the government and the consequences of the policies issued by it.”

He added, “It is time to resume the agitation and given a chance, we will resume it in full force. The people of Assam need to stand by their demands firmly.”

It may be mentioned that the CAA has been one of the most controversial issues in Assam. There has been claims that once the Act is implemented, a huge number of Hindus from Bangladesh will come in Assam which will threaten the existence of the indigenous culture of the state.

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