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One killed after massive fire breaks out in Khogla village in Arunachal

WAKKA: One person was killed in a massive and roaring fire that broke out in Khogla village of Wakka circle in Longding District of Arunachal Pradesh in the wee hours today.

According to sources, the fire broke out around 1:00 a.m., which completely annihilated at least two kutcha houses.

The houses belonged to Gopang Gangsa and Khahnyai Gangsa.

Khahnyai Gangsa was reported to have lost his life inside his own house due to the fire.

The Police team, on the other hand, has gone to the incident area and will provide further updates when they return to the network zone.
The settlement of Khogla is said to be no-network zone.
Despite the efforts of the people, Wangsa was said to be stuck in the fire and unable to be rescued.
To keep the raging fire from spreading further, the villagers had to demolish two adjoining houses.

The house owners’ personal belongings were completely destroyed, and nothing could be retrieved from the ashes.

As an urgent response, the local panchayat leaders distributed ration items, blankets, utensils, and cash to the fire victims.

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