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11 miners trapped underground rescued after 14-day operation in China

Eleven gold miners have been rescued in good condition by Chinese rescuers today after 14 days trapped underground after an explosion, but 10 colleagues were still unaccounted for.

It is not known how many others are still alive in the mine.

State media footage showed the first miner to be rescued, a black blindfold across his eyes, being lifted out of a mine shaft on Sunday morning.

Later, another three miners were brought out from a different section of the mine, including one who was injured, and three more from the same section followed in the early afternoon.

Several were shown walking, supported by rescue workers.

A group of 22 workers were trapped following an explosion at the Hushan gold mine in Qixia, Shandong province, in eastern China on 10 January.

One is confirmed to have died from head injuries. Eleven were known to be alive and rescuers made contact with 10 of them, with one in a nearby chamber. The remaining 10 are missing.

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