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16 Northeastern doctors lost lives in second wave of COVID: IMA

GUWAHATI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has claimed in a recent report that as many as 730 doctors have been ‘martyred’ all across the country amid the second wave of COVID-19 out of which 16 are from the Northeastern region of India.

There are three northeastern states – Assam, Manipur and Tripura – in the IMA list and among which Assam recorded the maximum fatalities, claimed the IMA report.

The number of deaths of doctors in Assam is as many as 9.

Right after Assam, the second northeastern state is Manipur with 5 death cases.

Tripura, being the third state, has 2 cases of death of the doctors.

Among 26 states in the IMA list, the fatality rate of Bihar is the highest with 115 deaths, Delhi – 109, Uttar Pradesh – 79, West Bengal – 62, Rajasthan – 43 and Jharkhand – 39, Gujarat and Telangana – 37 followed by Tamil Nadu -32, Kerala -24 and Maharashtra – 23.

Pondicherry has the lowest number of fatalities with 1 death case so far on the IMA list.


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