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6 Gym Workouts for Beginners- How to Exercise in a Gym

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Fitness has taken a precedence in people’s lives along with healthy eating and clean lifestyle. Many people have started taking up gym subscriptions of late in an effort to inch towards a fit physique. As a beginner, one may feel intimidated by the thought of working out in a gym in front of other people.


However, with these few simple guidelines, one can workout comfortably in the gym, without feeling self-conscious. Even as a beginner, one can put together an easy, yet effective workout routine with these basic gym workouts, and step towards a healthier body.


1.    Proper Warm-up Routine

Take your time to take in the gym’s atmosphere. Change into your gym clothes and find a suitable spot to warm-up. Warm-ups are highly crucial as they prepare your body for the demands of exercise, loosening up the muscles and reducing the risk of injury. You will be less likely to pull a muscle during your workout and this minimizes the chances of cramping. Begin with a few basic stretches to loosen up the muscles, and proceed to hip flexors, hamstring activity, or hopping drills. Switch to a low-impact workout such as basic cardio on a cross trainer or exercise bike.


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2.    Light Resistance Training

Some  light resistance training can work wonders for beginners. Stretching the rarely used muscles, helps to loosen you up, thereby equipping you for further high intensity workouts. Use these Resistance Bands to aid your all-over strength training. The 3 resistance levels offer a wide range of workouts to explore.

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  1. Strength Training Exercises


Improve your strength and stability with a kettlebell workout session.’s kettlebells have been designed with better grip and control, guaranteed to give a good workout experience and elevate your speed and stamina. Use these kettlebells while performing squats, lifts and lunges to achieve an all-round workout.


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4.    Joint Isolation Exercises

Add the joint-isolation exercises to your fitness routine by including the Aurion Dumbbells in your home  gym. Perfect for bicep curls, chest flys, or shoulder raises, these dumbbells come in a pair of 2 kg each. Working out with dumbbells also provides a boost to your resting metabolic rate. Use these dumbbells to tone up your muscles or to add resistance to your workout.


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5.    Basic Cardio Routine

Begin your cardio routine with a walk on the treadmill. Decathlon’s Motorless Treadmill is built at an 15% incline for effective exertion to improve your cardio smoothly. This versatile  machine is mechanical and has several resistance levels to really psych you. Equipped  with an LCD console, it has 5 indicators showing time, distance, speed, calories, and steps.


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6.    Intense Cardio Workout

An exercise cycle is always a superlative addition to your routine, owing to the variable workout intensities it offers. The ideal cardio workout equipment for gyms, it comes with an LCD display providing digital readings of time, speed, distance and calories burnt while working out. Supreme comfort and adjustable heights are guaranteed with the wide seat of the exercise cycle and the anti-slip base provides better stability.

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Do not worry about being a complete novice to gymming! Following basic guidelines will ensure that you have a fruitful gym routine without feeling self-conscious. Once you start getting into the grind with the right equipment, it would be super-easy to aim for ultimate fitness goals.

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