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About Us:


What is it that comes to your mind when you think of North East?

A land of verdant hills and undulating valleys, the land of the mighty Brahmaputra, a land no less than paradise in terms of scenic beauty and rich culture and heritage. A picture postcard perfect tourist destination.

But is North East only that?

What about decades of neglect, a deep rooted sense of alienation, a sense of unease at being looked into through a blinkered lens?

Thankfully, it’s a new beginning and the focus on development of the North Eastern states, separated from the rest of India with a tiny piece of land mass called the Chicken Neck, has brought to the fore the need to amplify voices from the region, share people’s aspirations, mirror their dreams, celebrate their success stories and help them walk that extra mile where required.

And that is exactly what INSIDENE has set out to do: Deliver North East. A young, dynamic, dedicated, fearless, independent, people oriented digital news service across all platforms that aims to bring to light untold stories from the region. This by not just focusing on Breaking News headlines, but also going into depths of looking at stories, reading between the lines, providing perspective and unbiased analysis of the big stories from across all the north eastern states with a national perspective.

Powered by a robust team of journalists and citizen reporters spread across the region, INSIDENE is led by leading journalists who have worked tirelessly in leading regional and national news network to ensure North East gets the due respect it deserves.

We are committed to be the only authentic, credible and indepth news service devoid of favours to speak up for you and share your stories to bring about visible impact on the ground. We are here to celebrate North East and it’s rich legacy by sharing stories on all aspects which impact our lives.

Be with us. Help us grow.