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AAMSU doubts discrepancies in NRC process in Assam

Guwahati, May 9, 2019:

The All Assam Minority Students’ Union has made a list of demands to Prateek Hajela (Assam State Coordinator, NRC) to address the ‘discrepancies’ in the ongoing process of disposal of claims and objections.

It may be mentioned that the organization had earlier claimed that organizations like ABSU and AASU have been forcing people to make false Objections against genuine minority citizens.

The AAMSU has claimed conspiracy is afoot it was reported in print as well as electronic media that about 1,300 Objections were filed up to 30.12.2018, but the numbers rose up to more than 2.5 lakhs on the last date i.e. 31.12.2018.

The AAMSU also stated that State Coordinator for NRC, Assam issued protocol for reconciliation of Objection Forms directing all DRCRs that the following information regarding the Objector are to be materially collected: Name; Mobile Number; NSK; and Village/Town/Ward as per Village Master.

The AAMSU further requested that the genuine Indian citizens should not be subjected to harassment by any means and the Objections which were filed violating the aforesaid provisions should have been rejected at the threshold without issuing any notice.

The student body further complained that the Officials are not disclosing particulars of objectors whereas the right to information is the indispensable right of every individual.

The AAMSU lamented that the people against whom Objections have been raised are being called for hearing at distant places far away from their native places which cause inconvenience as well as mental, physical and financial agony.

The AAMSU has made the following requests to ensure the NRC process is carried out in a legal and proper manner:

Firstly, to reject the objections ex-parte at the threshold where the objectors remain absent in hearing.

Secondly, to reject the objections where the details as per protocol dated 31.12.2018 which have not been furnished by the objectors.

Thirdly, to furnish detailed particulars of objectors in the notice for hearing as well as to the person against whom such objection is made during the course of the hearing.

Fourthly, to fix the hearing venues within reasonable distances of the localities of the persons who are being called for the disposal of claims and objections,

Fifthly, to accept the List-B/Linkage Documents issued after 31.08.2015 during the course of disposal of claims and objections.

Lastly, to strictly follow the principle of natural justice during the course of disposal of claims and objections.

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