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Ajmal gets funds from fundamentalist organisations, alleged Himanta

GUWAHATI: Assam’s Finance minister and BJP mascot Himanta Biswa Sarma accuses AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal of deriving funds from fundamentalist organisations

Sarma also said Badruddin Ajmal is also building a network in the name of social service that is not favorable to Assamese culture. He also accepted that when it comes to defending the Indian and Assamese identity in this land, he is an extremist, and as long as Badruddin Ajmal exist in the state’s political landscape he would continue to discuss the identity of politics.

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“I am trying to safeguard Indian nationalism. There have to be two extremes. Thus, if there’s a north pole, the south pole will be there. If Badruddin Ajmal disappears, then we will disappear as well. But as long as Badruddin Ajmal is there we will talk about the development and politics of identity, and even if that made me an extremist, I am happy about that,” Sarma was quoted in a report.

Moreover, Sarma also called Badruddin Ajmal is an enemy of Assam. When he is trying to protect Assam, he stated that Ajmal is trying to do something alien to the Assam’s culture.

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