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Ali Ai Ligang: Everything you need to know about the Mising spring extravaganza

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GUWAHATI: The celebration of the most awaited festival of the Mising Community ‘Ali Aye Ligang’, the five-day spring festival, has begun from today.

Ali Ai Ligang dates and timing

The festival begins on the first Wednesday of the Assamese Calendar’s ‘Fagun’ month every year.

The 5-day festival is being celebrated at the community house ‘Murong Okum’ in Japorigog, Guwahati, where it is being organized by the All Guwahati Mising Kebang, a socio-cultural organisation of the community in the city.

They took part in the festival decked up in beautiful handmade fabrics that are found in their culture. While the women dressed in Ege, Ribi Gaseng, Gero, etc, the men wore Gonro Ugon, Mibu Galuk, and Dumer.

The festival began with the cultivation of Ahu paddy.

History of Ali Ai Ligang:

The Ali ai Ligang Festival is the most colourful festival of the Misings. “Ali” means root and seed, “ai” means fruit, and “Ligang” means to sow. This is why the onset of sowing seeds begins on this day.
The festival lasts for 5 days. The festival begins every year on the first Wednesday of the month of ‘Gimur Polo.’

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Food delicacies for Ali Ai Ligang

Poro Aapong’ or rice beer, dried fish, pork, ‘Purang Apin’ (packed boiled rice) is specially prepared by the Misings only for the festival.

The last day of the festival (Lilen) is celebrated with a lavish community banquet.

Music: Music for all kind of songs and beats for the dance are composed with instruments such as cymbal, gungang (gagana), sifung (flutes), gong, and drums, etc.

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