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Alien sighting in Jharkhand? Here’s the truth behind viral video

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RANCHI: A video from Jharkhand that has gone viral online appears to show a weird creature wandering down a road at night which some think is an alien.

The video was first shared on social media a few days ago and has since gone viral.

A lot of viewers have hypothesised that the footage depicts an alien or other unusual species.

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However these are unfounded claims that only gained traction when the video was picked up by various news agencies and even made international news.

The figure was described as a “strange humanoid” by UK news website Ladbible, while Ekta Kapoor shared the footage on Instagram and described it as “scary.”

While the image of a lanky figure going down a dark road alone is obviously unusual, the footage contains nothing supernatural or otherworldly.

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The two men who filmed the footage were interviewed by Jan Doot News, a local news channel and they confirmed that the figure is a woman strolling naked at night.

One of the men, Deepak said he and a companion were returning back to Seraikela when they saw the weird woman roaming around naked. They were initially startled by the sight and continued on their route but they returned a short time later to video tape the woman.

“It was a naked lady walking along the street. I have the whole video of one and a half minutes,” Deepak said in Hindi, referring to the 30-second clip that has been circulating online.

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