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Alobo Naga organizes concert to benefit orphans after ad to sell set top box for fees goes viral

DIMAPUR: When musician Alobo Naga first saw an ad put out by Ebenezer Orphanage Home to sell off a Taty Sky set-top box in order to pay the childrens’ school fees, he was “utterly distraught.”

“A friend showed me the ad of the Ebenezer Orphanage Home trying to sell the Tata Sky set top box to pay school fees after it had started circulating on social media. The picture broke my heart,” Naga told Inside Northeast.

Since the greatest gift that one can give children is education, Alobo says, he makes it a point to pay for students’ tuitions, admissions, etc. “I have been very vocal about my philanthropic work. I feel that education is a great gift one can give. Whenever I give to orphanages, I don’t give them money, clothes or food. Instead, I could give them something that could help them get educated — so that they can sustain themselves.”

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Naga says that he approached a philathropic group called ‘A Better Dimapur’ — a group where different NGOs come. “They were willing enough, and I invited some of my friends. Everyone was willing to come and join.”

“I was anyways planning to organize a special concert So I thought — why not do something to usher in change? We will be organizing a special concert on Valentine’s Day to brighten up the lives of the 18 children from the orphanage,” he said, adding that they will provide coffee free-of-cost to anybody who wishes to participate in the proceedings.

“We will keep a box there where people can give their contributions. However, we have made it amply clear that donations are not compulsory,” Naga adds.

Teachers and students from Musik-A, Alobo’s school of music, will join the Ebenezer orphanage home students on the day of love. “We will try to brighten up the childrens’ day with the power of music. There will be dance crews as well.

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