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‘Amit Shah’s slur on Cong over Ajmal exposes use and throw policy of BJP’

GUWAHATI: Congress spokesperson Professor Gaurav Vallabh today took Union home minister Amit Shah by his horns responding to the latter’s jibe at Congress’s alliance with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF).

Reacting to repeated slurs by Amit Shah, Vallabh today asked when the BJP allied with the AIUDF in district council elections or got AIUDF votes to elect its Rajya Sabha members, was Badruddin Ajmal sitting on its lap?

Shah has been repeatedly saying in Assam assembly election meetings that Ajmal is modern Kala Pahar who was sitting on the lap of Congress.

“If the Congress calls themselves secular, then why is it letting Ajmal on its lap? I do not understand this kind of secularism,” said Shah addressing BJP social media volunteers at the Town Hall of Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra here recently.

When InsideNE asked Vallabh about the same, Prof. Vallabh said: “In district council elections, BJP was contesting in alliance with Ajmal. In Rajya Sabha elections also, they (BJP) were getting the votes of Ajmal and were sending their people to the Rajya Sabha. Was BJP sitting on his lap, or Ajmal was sitting on BJP’s lap?”

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Asked about their Maharashtra ally Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar’s comment on BJP being at a better place in Assam and will sweep the Assam Election 2021, Prof. Vallabh refused to comment on it.

“See I can only answer on what my party, my ideology, my party leaders say. I am not supposed to comment on what other parties are saying. You have to ask Sharad Pawar ji for that,” he said.

“Refer to any opinion poll, as we are progressing towards the polls, seat numbers of Congress are going up. 101 is the final figure for the Congress-led grand alliance,” Gaurav further added.

Congress also briefed the media today on how are the party is going to provide 200 units of free electricity in Assam. It also alleged the Sarbananda Sonowal-led BJP government was systematically shutting down its own electricity generation units and only encouraging the purchase of power at a higher price from private firms and selling Assam-generated electricity at a lower cost.

In a document, Congress claimed that in the year 2014-15 (the then Congress government), the average price of electricity purchased in Assam was Rs 3.96 per unit. In the year 2019-20, the average price of electricity purchased in Assam has increased to Rs 5.05 per unit i.e., an increase of over 30 per cent. Congress has ‘guaranteed’ to provide electricity to 70 per cent of the consumers free of cost by generating their own units and saving the purchase cost.

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