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Anti-CAA protests exposed Congress, says Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari

GUWAHATI: BJP MP from Delhi Manoj Tiwari today said the Congress has been exposed after it conspired to create trouble on the pretext of opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019.

The actor-singer-turned-politician, who was here to attend the formal launch of the BJP’s Assam assembly election campaign this evening, said the protests against CAA have indeed helped the people to understand the BJP and come to a conclusion that “the BJP and its allies are the best for Assam”.

“Some people tried to create confusion over the Act. But, they got exposed themselves. The Congress has been exposed that it tried to brew unrest in the name of opposing the Act. The Congress is a party that always try to mislead, incite and foment trouble … The CAA indeed helped the people of Assam to understand the BJP better,” he said.

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About the Congress-led grand alliance in Assam, Tiwari said: “Look at their plight across the country. Their only objective is to impede the speed of progress in the country. They run away from debates and don’t allow the Parliament to function.”

Asked about the BJP’s 100+ slogan, he said, “100+ is our slogan only. But, the people give BJP more than what it asks for. So, we are hopeful that we will win this election very well.”

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