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Arunachal: Chakma & Hajong elders seek special economic package against ‘discrimination’ in the last 57 years



DIYUN: Amid an ongoing citizenship row, the Chakma and Hajong Elders Forum (CHEF) representing the senior citizens of the two tribes in Arunachal Pradesh rejected the census and proposal for relocation of the Chakmas by the state government.

For permanent solution of the Chakma Hajong problems in the state, the CHEF demanded a “Special economic package for the Chakmas and Hajongs of Arunachal Pradesh” to compensate for the suffering and denial of rights and access to development to them in the last 57 years.

“This economic package is necessary to ensure that the Chakmas and Hajongs can develop at par with other local communities of Arunachal Pradesh and must include funding for flood control measures to prevent damage caused by flooding of the Noa Dihing River to the Chakmas and Hajongs”, stated Mr Anil Chakma, President of the CHEF.

“The Chakmas and Hajongs have immensely contributed to the economic development of the State despite facing institutionalised discrimination. Instead of taking measures to recognise the role of the contribution of the Chakmas and Hajongs and complying with the Supreme Court judgment, the State has not taken processed the citizenship applications of the senior citizens in the last 25 years and further deprived them of the benefits extended to the senior citizens,” chimed in Pritimoy Chakma, General Secretary of the CHEF.

“The State government and Union of India must not disturb peace loving Chakmas and Hajongs of the State,” added Pritimoy Chakma.

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