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ARUNACHAL: Locals of Miao clean river beds of Noa & Dehing ahead of picnic month

MIAO: As the picnic month is approaching, the Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung (MSRH) has decided to cleanse the river bodies of Noa-Dehing at Miao in Changlang district of Eastern Arunachal where people visit every year for picnic and partying during the winter season. I

n the upcoming picnic month, to ensure that the picnic parties do not encounter any litters scattered, the members of MSRH collected the garbages and broken bottles from the river beds on Wednesday. They later set them on fire. In a few days, the organization will install dustbins in various locations so that the visitors can avoid throwing litters.

MSRH has appealed all concerned to extend co-operation by keeping the river beds clean and safe.

“Anyone visiting the river beds must use the dustbins and avoid throwing bottles and plastics haywire. Anyone found guilty of dirtying the river beds will be imposed penalty”, MSRH president Gamseng Singpho and secretary general Pisi Zausan said.

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