Assam: 6 schools closed in Dibrugarh after detection of COVID cases in premises


DIBRUGARH: The Inspector of Schools, Dibrugarh closed six schools for a period of 7 days as multiple COVID-19 positive cases are detected in the school premises.

Dipika Choudhury AES-I, Inspector of Schools, Dibrugarh ordered that the schools will re-open after 7 (seven) days with due permission from the Deputy Commissioner, Dibrugarh.

The six schools are:
a. Graham Bazar Girls High School (11 cases)

b. Kathalguri Higher Secondary School
(19 cases)
c. Namrup High School (18 cases)

d. Bokel High School (25 cases)

e. Chachani Higher Secondary School (11 cases)

f. Govt. Girls HS & MP School, Dibrugarh (9 cases).