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Assam: Artist creates Durga idol with thousands of empty syringe

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DHUBRI: In an attempt to achieve the India Book of Records title, Sanjeev Basak, has been working tirelessly to create a happy moment and aware the people at Durga Puja eve during this Covid-19 period.

The artist who is doing a government job by profession and has also done the duty of Covid-19 during the time of pandemic. Sanjiv said, adding, that various rumours regarding the vaccination alone on the duty of covid have inspired the creation of new art.

Since the vaccine came out, there have been a confusion among the people following various rumours about the vaccin.

The artist decided to take the initiative of creating a idol of expired injection syringe by collecting them from various drug stores.

Artist Sanjiv has reached the final stage of his creation, working at night for nearly two months with three thousand pieces of empty syringe.

Keeping high hopes that the people will surely visit the mandaps, during the eve of Durga Puja in the town of Dhubri, following the covid protocol people of the town will surely remember once entering the mandap after looking at the idol of his creation.

The artist’s innovative Durga Idol will be kept for public viewing at Vivekananda Club Durga Puja Committee in Dhubri this year. The innovative efforts during the disaster of Corona are all praiseworthy.

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