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Assam: Historical Azan Pir Dargah affected by flood in Disangmukh

SIVASAGAR: The historical Hazarat Azan Pir Dargah, situated in Soraguri Chapori, is hugely affected by the flood in the Disangmukh area of the Sivasagar district for the last one week.

“The area has been underwater for over a week now. Three days back water entered into the Azan Pir Dargah as well,” said a local resident of Horaguri Koibarta village.

“At least 365 families live here and all of them are affected by the flood. No assistance of relieves by the government yet,” he added.

Another villager informed, “Approximately 70 per cent of the area where Azan Pir Dargah is situated are underwater for last seven days. During the daytime, if the water level reduces by an inch then it increases by two during the night. The Sivasagar District Administration is providing relief packages like rice 1kg/person with some lentils and soap. But the problem lies with our poultries. We are literally cohabitating with them at this moment.”

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Hazarat Shah Syed Mainuddin, commonly known as Azan Fakir from his azan calling habit, was a Sufi Syed, poet and Muslim preacher from Baghdad who came to Assam and settled in Sibsagar.

Azan Fakir was particularly known for his Zikr and Zari. Fakir helped to unify the people of the Brahmaputra valley of Assam as well as to reform Islam in the region.

Fakir later fell into the prey of some conspiracy led by Ahom Muslim Official Rupai Dadhora, following which Ahom King was convinced that Azan Fakir was a Mughal Spy and passed an order to pluck his eyes out.

The king later made land grants to Ajan Fakir at Soraguri Chapori, near Sibsagar and had a matha built for him which is now popularly known as Azan Pir Dargah.

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