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Assam By Polls: Emmanuel Mushahary is ‘traitor’; says Tamulpur candidate Ganesh Kachari

TAMULPUR: The spirit of election is in air in Tamulpur with By polls knocking at the door.

Independent candidate from 58 Tamulpur LAC constituency, Ganesh Kachari has expressed some strong views on former MLA Emmanuel Moshahary.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Northeast, Ganesh Kachari has made some debatable remarks-

“Emmanuel Moshahary is a getting paid for his sins. Emmanuel is a traitor! That is the reason why we lost at BTC. Because of him we lost three constituencies.

He contacted Hagrama Mohilary after he was rejected a ticket yet he didn’t get the opportunity. He is not going to win even as an independent candidate.”

Condemning Moshahary, Kachari further said-

“It is utterly unfortunate that Moshahary has started bad mouthing BTC Chief Pramod Bodo and praising Hagrama.

I will fight as an independent candidate in the polls.”

Kachari added that he has not got any directions from Hagrama nor has he stopped him from contesting.

He further stated that even though there will be no candidates from BPF, their symbol will be there.

“In the earlier elections, there was no candidate from BPF to be highjacked by BJP. Even after having no candidate BPF was able to gather 46 thousand votes. However, this time I will gather over 60 thousand votes.”

Kachari is gearing up for the upcoming by polls. He stated that he will work under Hagrama Mohilary till his last breath. He will acquire his contesting symbol on October 15, he informed.

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