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Assam CM publicly questions food and supplies Minister over ‘corruption’ in rice supply

BAKSA: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma publicly questioned Food and Civil supplies Minister Ranjit Dass regarding the ‘corruption’ involved in supply of rice.

While addressing the crowd at Tamulpur recently, the Chief Minister stated that ration shopkeepers are charging Rs50 for 5kg of Rice.

“Call all the shopkeepers and ask the price”, he publicly questioned Ranjit Dass.

It is noteworthy that, Dass had served as the state BJP president before becoming the Food and Civil supplies Minister.

The Chief Minister stated that there has been complaints that people are not getting the actual amount of rice they are paying for.

He alleged that the ration shopkeepers are not giving the said quantity to the customers.

Further warning Dass, the Chief Minister said, “This Rice has come from Modi… This kind of corruption needs to stop”.

Speaking further, Sarma said that If the corruption continues, he will put all the shopkeepers behind bars.

“Stealing of rice and dacoity will be considered the same”, he added.

He further informed that a complaint number will be launched in the month of January next year. “Anyone can register complaint on such kind of acts in that number”.

“If anyone gives even a 100gm less than 1 kg, he will be put behind bars”, he warned.

The Chief Minister added that if being a in a post like this he cannot eradicate such kind of corruption then there is no point of him being a Chief Minsiter.

“If I can’t stop this then there’s no point of being a Chief Minister”, he said.

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