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‘Assam CM’s vaccination tweets have stopped’, says Gaurav Gogoi questioning govt’s transparency

GUWAHATI: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has raised questions on Assam government’s transparency in terms of vaccination data in the state.

Gogoi has claimed that only 7935 vaccinations were administered on July 7 in the state.

“There are huge supply chain management issues with vaccines”, said Gogoi in a Tweet.

The Congress MP further slammed the BJP led government stating that ‘Instead of being transparent with the public, the Chief Minister has stopped including vaccination data on his daily Twitter update’. 

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Gogoi also demanded the BJP government in the national capital to ramp up the the vaccination provide further ventilators, oxygen equipment and oxygen plants as the second wave of COVID-19 is still persisting in Assam.

The MP has been vocal about issues pertaining to vaccination and oxygen supplies in Assam as well as other Northeastern states.

Earlier, he had claimed that the state government’s ‘enhanced vaccination drive’ that started from June 21 was a ‘failure’ as the target was not fulfilled.

According to him, the state government began the enhanced immunization drive from June 21 with a target of administering 3 lakh vaccinations per day for 10 days, the target was achieved only on two days. The rest of the days did not even achieve the 2 lakhs mark, Gogoi claimed.

Gogoi had also alleged that several COVID deaths have gone unreported in the state and that it didn’t count the people who were found positive posthumously. He had urged that the process of declaring COVID-19 deaths should be revised and clarified.

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