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Assam: Congress worker raids party press meet with uneasy questions, gets shut down immediately

By Devabrata Dutta

GUWAHATI: When the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has been constantly denying the party’s inner conflict, on the other hand, claimed to be an APCC media cell worker from Lakhimpur has raided the party’s ongoing press conference with some uneasy questions about party leadership and performance.

The worker namely Prasanta Gogoi, as his online username suggested, was present at the party’s online press conference addressed by Kaliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi to criticise Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s justifications on Assam’s performance in NITI Aayog’s recent SDGs list over the past three years which is very poor.

By the end of the press meet, while Gogoi was holding a question and answer session with the media persons, claimed to be a Congress worker Prasanta Gogoi has put forward a few questions which have seemed to make the party uncomfortable.

“We were defeated in the last assembly elections and the reason for that is our own internal matters if we analyze it. If we see in my constituency, which is Lakhimpur, we did not lose to the BJP but due to our own infrastructural problems and mistakes of a few of our own leaders,” said Prasanta Gogoi.

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Prasanta Gogoi added, “If you notice, then our own Congress members criticise the party rigorously, which is not right from where I see it.”

MP Gaurav Gogoi on sensing something unnatural there stopped him immediately to ask him about his concerned media group, as the press conference was meant only for the media personnel to attend, and then Parasanta Gogoi claimed that he was from the media cell not from the press.

Prasanta Gogoi has been muted from the press conference immediately with the assurance of addressing his matter in party meetings by Gaurav Gogoi later.

Congress PC

Though the Assam Congress is continuously trying to brush the questionnaires regarding the party’s crumbling leadership, even at this very same press conference, under the carpet but this claimed to be party worker’s ‘mistake’ has given a little insight to the party’s ongoing.

Earlier this week only, four-time Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi has resigned from the party to join the BJP, accusing Congress of not being able to produce a collective leadership and not giving a fair chance to young leaders of the party either. Kurmi also said that the party does not listen to its grassroots workers as well.

Jury Sharma Bordoloi, the newly appointed President of Guwahati Guwahati City District Congress Committee, resigned from the party with Kurmi accusing the party of the same.

Though APCC president Ripun Bora, who has lost his own constituency to the BJP, has tendered his resignation right after their “humiliating” defeat in the last assembly polls. The party yet to come up with a new leader and party members are now being openly vocal about it and asking for an immediate change in leadership. Only time can tell the extent of damage this delay in action could cause for Congress.

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