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Assam: Daily wage worker requires 25k per day to save wife; seeks help from Govt

NALBARI:  A daily wage worker from Nalabri, Assam and his children have requested financial assistance from the state government for the treatment of his sick wife admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Ayub Ali is a daily wage labour who has been trying hard to make ends meet for the treatment of his wife Hasina Begum who has been suffering from lung and kidney ailments.

Recently, her health deteriorated and she was taken to GMCH. However, due to the COVID situation, she was later admitted at Ayurchundra Super-speciality hospital in Guwahati.

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In the first 24 hours, Ali was charged an amount of Rs 80,000 while the daily expenses are Rs25,000.

“Being a daily wage labour, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to pay such figures”, said Ali.

“She is currently in ICU at Ayurchundra Hospital . I requested them for a video call but they didn’t allow it. They said she is okay and making movements”, he added.

To arrange money for his wife’s treatment Ali had to mortgage his property and also sell off his cattle and various other items.

“I have not been able to concentrate on my studies. The meagre property we had, that too had to be sold. We would like to request the government to help us. Any donation, small or big, matters a lot to us now”, said Ayub’s daughter who will be appearing for board exams this year.

The family said that they have not received any assistance from the local MLA or any Ministers yet. Their neighbours, who too are hit by the pandemic, helped them with whatever little amount they could.

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