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Assam enters danger zone;Govt shall stop playing hide & seek with curfew timings:AIPC

GUWAHATI: The Assam state unit of the All India Professionals Congress (AIPC) has slammed the state government’s latest COVID19 control policy.

Speaking to the media, Assam State Congress spokesperson and AIPC President Gauravv Somani said it’s high time that the state Government realize the severity of the rise in COVID-19 cases in the state and stop playing hide and seek with curfew timings.

Somani said that in a state where the COVID-19  positivity rate is nearly 10%, with COVID-19 deaths increasing every day and the state reporting over 6000 COVID-19 positive patients every day, the government is issuing new SOPs every two days with new curfew timings, further confusing and creating panic among the public.

In the state, there is a severe shortage of ventilators, ICU beds, oxygen cylinders, and oxygen concentrators; moreover, people are seen raising a ruckus for various COVID-19 medicines, and COVID vaccination has become a distant dream for many.

With the COVID-19 pandemic unleashing a dramatic economic crisis and humanitarian disaster in the state, every day has become a nightmare for Assam, with over 100 deaths related to the infection per day.

The most destructive consequences, however, were caused by the essence of the state government’s reaction, not by the disease’s progression. The government must also put a stop to the black market for different medical products used in COVID care, as well as the hoarding of essential commodities.

According to Somani, Assam has entered the danger zone, and a full lockdown is needed to break the chain.

AIPC has urged the government to call upon a meeting with all political parties, civil society representatives,s and trade organizations to take their views into consideration.

And assured that as a responsible opposition party we are ready to extend our help and support the government in fighting the pandemic together.

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