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Assam exports ‘Leteku’ (Burmese grapes) consignment to Dubai 

GUWAHATI: A consignment of fresh Burmese grapes, known as ‘Leteku‘ in Assamese, was air-shipped from Guwahati to Dubai, providing a substantial boost to the northeastern states’ export potential of agricultural and processed food items.

The consignment was exported from Guwahati to Dubai via Delhi by Kiega EXIM Pvt Ltd, an APEDA-registered company.

A cargo of vitamin C and iron-fortified Leteku was sourced and packed at a collection centre in Assam’s Darang district.

APEDA has been doing promotional operations in order to put the north-eastern states on India’s agricultural and processed food export map.

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“The fruit hangs in bunches all along with the bark and branches like tree ornaments, making for a very pretty sight. It’s high in iron and vitamin C. It’s available in the northeast, but we had no idea it was exportable. APEDA chairman M Angamuthu stated, “With this initial shipment, APEDA wants to promote more such therapeutic and exotic fruits of the northeast.”

Despite the fact that this is the first cargo of leteku‘ to be sent to the Middle East by the central government enterprise, they are anticipating positive market response. 

“Anyone who is aware of its health benefits will eagerly consume it. 
In the northeast, there are several exotic fruits with high nutritional content. 
However, even in other Indian states, these are rarely known,” said an APEDA official.
APEDA has recently facilitated the export of the first consignment of red rice from Assam to the United States. 
In the Brahmaputra valley, iron-rich red rice’ is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers. 
The rice type is known as Bao-dhaan,’ and it is an important part of Assamese cuisine.


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