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Assam Polls 2021: Soaked in rain, Dima Hasao Congress leaders thunder against BJP

HAFLONG: A massive crowd had turned up at Dima Hasao headquarter Haflong to witness a Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi rally as the election fever reaches its climax in Assam before polling for the final two phases (on April 1 and 6).

What they got instead was a proverbial downpour, as rains and heavy winds lashed the hill town intermittently, giving a huge headache to the organizers of the rally that was to be held at the N.L.Daulagupu Sports Complex.

Nevertheless, the crowd did witness a spectacle as the local Congress leaders took turns to address them, continuing with the anti-BJP rhetoric that has marked the party’s approach to electioneering in 2021.

Nirmal Langthasa, the Congress’ Haflong candidate, Daniel Langthasa, member of Council and Congress youth leader, and former MLA Samarjit Haflongbar were some of the prominent faces in attendance at the rally.

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Delivering a speech while the skies remained murky and grey, Haflongbar said that the BJP-led governments at the Centre and State are “looters” as they are working for Gujarati capitalists.

“Debolal Garlosa, the present CEM of NCHAC, is also looting Dima Hasao. If you keep the assets and properties of all the CEMs who ruled the North Cachar Hills Council in 1952 on one side and CEM Gorlosa’s property on the other, you will see that Garlosa’s property will far exceed that of the others,” Haflongbar said, before going on to allege that Garlosa is giving money to Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma in the crores by “looting” his home district.

At one point, with the downpour continuing unabated, Daniel Langthasa walked down from the stage into the midst of the sizable crowd, continuing his anti-BJP rhetoric as he did so.

Addressing the crowd from its midst, Langthasa said that voting for Congress would rid the people of the “gunda raj” of the ruling dispensation.

Later, Gandhi, releasing a video message for the people left disappointed by his absence, reiterated the party’s Five Guarantees.

Gandhi also had a special message for the Hill tribe communities of the state whom he claimed to be “under attack” from the BJP. “They wish to scrap the Article 244 (A). We will implement Article 244 (A),” he assured, reiterating that his party would fulfill all five promises made to the people in the lead up to polls.”

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