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Elvis Ali Hazarika becomes first Assamese to swim from Dharamtar-Gateway Of India

He managed to complete the swim in 10 hours

Guwahati: Assam’s Elvis Ali Hazarika has set another record by becoming the first Assamese to successfully swim from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway Of India, Mumbai, Arabian Sea. 

Hazarika who hails from Guwahati is known for his swimming records and this time he has made another record making the people of Assam proud. He start the swim at 1 AM on November 23 and completed it by 11 AM. It took him nearly 10 hours. The entire stretch was 38 kilometres long.

Hazarika after completing the swim said that this was a preparation run for his proposed North Channel challenge. He intends to swim the North Channel next year.

It may be mentioned that Hazarika had created several records earlier and one of the most recent ones was the Catalina Channel in the United States. He was the first-ever swimmer from the North East to complete it.

Hazarika covered a distance of around 40 km from the US to the shores of Mexico in 10 hours 59 minutes back in 2019.


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