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Akhil Gogoi receives warning of expulsion from Assam Assembly

GUWAHATI: Assam Assembly Speaker Biswajit Daimary has warned Raijor Dal MLA Akhil Gogoi of expulsion from the ongoing session for “violating the decorum of the house on multiple occasions.”

This has come after Akhil Gogoi raised the issue of areca nut smuggling from Myanmar to the state during the question hour.

“If the rules and regulations are not followed in the house, I will have to be strict,” Daimary said.

“If rules violation continues in the house during the sessions I might be forced to get those people out of the house.”

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He said, “I believe that all 20 questions presented in the house are important, and that everyone who asked the question has represented their constituency, and that everyone should have an opportunity to discuss them.”

“If anybody has to address issues, there should be another 1-month session in the assembly to discuss them.”

In the 1-month session, each topic will be discussed by the concerned department for two days, Daimary continued.


It worth mentioning is that earlier yesterday also Akhil Gogoi was accused of revealing information to the public before the commencement of the session.

Akhil’s alleged defiance has been tagged as a “breach of privilege is a violation of any of the privileges of MPs/Parliament.” Reacting to the violations, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has demanded action against Gogoi.

Earlier, Biswa Sarma, taking an apparent jab at Akhil Gogoi, had said that independent MLAs would only be given 2 minutes to speak on the floor.

Following the controversy, speaker Diamary further warned Akhil Gogoi to adhere to the rules of the assembly.

Meanwhile, Speaker Daimary has asked the Sivasagar MLA to recall the oath Gogoi had taken as an MLA.

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