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Bangladesh factory fire: At least 52 killed, several injured

DHAKA: A massive fire broke out at a juice factory in Bangladesh killing at least 52 people and  injuring many.

Reportedly, fire broke at the Shezan juice factory outside Dhaka at around 5pm on Thursday.

Even though the cause of the fire has not been confirmed yet, it is suspected that it originated from the ground floor ad spread swiftly as there were chemicals in the factory.

Reportedly, some of the workers jumped of the building to save themselves from fire.

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So far, 44 workers have been identified who have gone missing.

Also there have been allegations that the front gate and the sole exit gate  of the factory was locked the time of the fire hindered the workers in escaping the fire.

The workers who have been rescued reportedly said that the fire safety measures of the factory were not up to the mark.

A five-member probe committee has been formed by the district administration to look into the incident.

The Deputy Director of Narayanganj District Fire Service Abdullah Al Arefin has stated that it is difficult to estimate the damage caused by the fire until the fire is doused.

He added that it will take some time to douse the fire completely.


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