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11 Basic Carrom Board Rules For Beginners

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Carrom is a popular tabletop game played indoors. In India, the carrom game is frequently played in a group, usually at social events with family or friends. Carrom is usually played in groups of two to four persons.


It is thought to have originated in India and was invented by the Maharajas of India. The popularity of the carrom board game has expanded throughout time, and many clubs now host tournaments and competitions


Learn how to play carrom and what the carrom rules are by following along.

  • Putting the pieces together


The red queen is in the middle, with the black and white pieces (carrom men) alternately arrayed in circles. The whites are arranged in a “Y” pattern, with the two sides aiming for the corner pockets.The carrom guys will be arranged by the computer in an online game.

  • The players’ positions


Each player takes a seat on one side of the board and can only strike from that side of the board. The contestant who is playing white takes the initial turn, or ‘breaks.’ The colour of your piece is determined by a coin toss.


  1. Breaking 


The first shot in the carrom board game is breaking. White is always played by the first player. By taking the initial shot with the striker, the player who is playing first breaches the circle in the centre.


If a player pockets a piece on the initial shot, he will continue to take turns until he is unable to do so. It is a carrom rule that before taking another shot, the player must always return the striker to the rectangle.

  • Turns


Take turns shooting the striker with your opponent.If you pocket a piece, you keep playing and shoot your striker once more. You can keep shooting your striker until you don’t get a piece.The turns in a doubles game are counter-clockwise from right to left.

  • Covering the queen 


The Queen is being protected.

If you have already pocketed at least one piece of your colour, you can pocket and cover the Queen.


Your turn continues if you pocket the Queen before pocketing your colour. To keep the queen, you must sink one of your coins. This is referred to as “covering the Queen.” If you do not pocket your colour piece by the conclusion of the turn, the opponent returns the Queen to the centre.

  • How to shoot the striker 


This is a crucial carrom rule since the outcome of the carrom game is determined by how skillfully you shoot the striker. Your shooting style impacts how quickly pieces are pocketed and points are awarded. Fouls can arise from poor shooting.


Keep in mind that when maintaining the striker on the board to shoot, it must hit both ‘base lines,’ either completely covering the end circle or not touching it at all. The striker is unable to make contact with the diagonal arrow line.

  • Double due in carrom


When you state that the last one in the carrom is a double deuce, there are a lot of alternatives.Your turn will be forfeited if you merely pocket the striker. Your opponent will also snare one of your coins to retain it in the carrom. You will lose your turn if this occurs as a result of an incorrect stroke. The opponent will take your two coins and keep them.

  • Playing a round 


A round is completed when one player has pocketed all of their carrom men.The person who pockets all of their pieces first wins the round and receives points. The queen must be pocketed and covered by a player for a round to terminate.


Carrom does not have a set number of rounds to play. Each round’s scores must be totaled together.Rounds continue until a player reaches 29 points.

  • Carrom Fouls


If you are not careful about carrom rules  while playing, you may commit fouls, which will result in a penalty. When you commit a foul, your turn is instantly over and you are assessed a penalty. One of your pocketed pieces is returned to the board and put anywhere within the main circle by the opponent as a penalty. Your opponent will always position the carrom men in a way that gives him the upper hand.

  • Scores At the end of each round


Count how many of your opponent’s pieces are still on the board at the end of each round to determine your score.

For example, your opponent still has four pieces on the board. Your grade would be a four.


If you have pocketed and covered the queen during the game, you will receive an extra 5 points if your score is less than 24.

As you continue to win rounds, keep adding up the points.

  • Scores At the end of the game


The carrom board game does not have a set number of rounds.Each round’s scores are added together.The game concludes when someone scores 29 points or more, and the highest scorer is declared the winner. You can enjoy playing carrom on GetMega App.


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