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‘Bengali not missing in my heart’: TIPRA Chief on being questioned by BJP’s Amit Rakshit

AGARTALA: TIPRA Chief Pradyot Manikya on Sunday said that the Bengali language is ‘not missing’ from his heart after BJP’s Amit Rakshit accused him of not including ‘Bangla or Bangali’ among his preferences.

On Saturday, the TIPRA leader tweeted about meeting the Vice Chancellor of Tripura Central University Ganga Prasad Prasain.

During the meeting, the Royal scion had requested the VC to consider opening up a University campus in the ADC areas with key departments including Kok Borok ,English , Mass Communication etc.

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Rakshit, who is serving as the Secretary of Tripura Sports Council, questioned Pradyot Manikya that why the Bengali language was ‘missing from his key things’.

Responding to his question, the TIPRA leader said, “…Bengali is not missing in my heart . It’s my confidence which scares you not my ideology ! Pls ask your alliance partners this !”

Followed by Pradyot Manikya’s reply, Rakshit said that there was ‘nothing political’ about his question.

Recently, the TIPRA Chief had slammed the CPI (M) state secretary Gautam Das for his remark that the Maharajas and the royal families of the Tripura have not done anything for the welfare of the citizens.

“To say that the Maharajas of Tripura did nothing is an example for how ungrateful such people can be”, said the royal scion taking to Twitter.

“The language of Gautam Das and Fringe groups who are against Tiprasa community are shockingly similar”, added the Royal scion.

He had appealed to his supporters to not react to the comments of the CPIM secretary.

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