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Beware! Latest Android malware ‘System Update’ on the prowl!

GUWAHATI: A new Android malware that can steal your data has emerged, and is tricking users into downloading it according to researchers at mobile security company Zimperium.

This malware, dubbed ‘System Update,’ will not only track your web searches and other activities, but also steal your data if it is installed on an Android smartphone.

What is the new Android malware:
The latest Android malware is nearly identical to the original device update warning, so be cautious and carefully inspect the notification alert before installing it. Zimperium, a cyber research company, was the first to discover this Android malware.

If you install the malware on your Android phone, it will be able to access your personal information, including WhatsApp messages, SMS, Telegram inboxes, browser bookmarks, and gallery images, among other things.

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According to reports, the Android malware operates in real-time and transmits information to the mothership whenever new data is produced.

The Android malware is also said to be stored on the computer and sent to the command centre at regular intervals. This gives hackers access to the most recent version of your Android phone’s info.

This one is difficult to identify because it resembles the actual machine update notification. So be careful before installing it on your mobile.

The harmful malware-infected Android app isn’t available on the Google Play Store.
Notably, the ability to install apps from third-party repositories is disabled by default on Android phones.

If the option is disabled, the operating system will not allow users to install Android malware.

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This isn’t the first time a malware-infected app has deceived Android users and stolen their personal information.

To stay safe from malware, users should double-check the malware app’s url and source before downloading it.

This is because it is difficult to uninstall malware from your phone after it has been installed.

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