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BJP has treated us like dog: Pramila Rani Brahma

KOKRAJHAR: Assam Social welfare minister and senior Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) leader Pramila Rani Brahma said despite an alliance of 5 years, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) have betrayed us so far. It has treated us like dog. It can’t continue like this.

Addressing media, the minister said, “BJP has betrayed us, the saffron party has humiliated us. It had continuously said that they are not interested to continue its alliance with our party in the forthcoming assembly elections in the state, with this BJP has insulted us.”

Moreover, Assam BJP president Ranjit Kumar Dass has called BPF shameless, as they are still in the government, she said.

On that, she said it’s their right to be in the government as long as the collation government of BPF, AGP, and BJP which they have formed 5 years ago is there.

“Whenever they need us they will use us and once their purpose is fulfilled they will just kick us out, this can not be possible,” she said.

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Furthermore, Minister Brahma alleged the saffron party for not giving them proper power with which they could have helped the public.

She further said, “We have sanctioned the roads but they did not allow us to move ahead with it, and now after forming the collation government of UPPL, BJP, AGP in BTR, BTC chief Pramod Boro had laid the foundations of those roads. BJP is doing this just to build a good image in front of the public.”

“Following that we have joined hands with Congress,” she said.

Notably, BPF has announced yesterday that it has severed all ties with the BJP and joined Congress-led Grand Alliance ahead of assembly polls.

The party is fully prepared for the assembly elections, and it would contest in 12 constituencies and extending support to the Congress party in several constituencies, she added.

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