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BJP’s ‘parivarttan’ means rich became richer and poor became poorer: Gaurav Gogoi

JORHAT: The Congress today said the BJP government brought about only one parivarttan (change) in Assam over the past five years — the rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

Citing that prices of dairy fodder and fish feed have skyrocketed, Kaliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi today said: “The BJP came to power in Assam promising parivarttan. But, what parivarttan have we seen? The only parivarttan visible is the rich became richer and the poor became poorer … So, who has benefitted today? We can see only Adani becoming billionaire. Have you seen any change in the lives of our educated unemployed youths.”

“The BJP government organised Awesome Assam. But, the local industries continued to perish. The paper mills in Jagiroad and Panchgram continued to be locked out,” he added.

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He was addressing an election rally here in presence of All India Congress Committee general secretary Prikanka Gandhi Vadra.

Gogoi also mentioned that the self help groups (SHGs) were gasping for breath due to price rise under the incumbent government.

“There was a time when self help groups enjoyed government patronization during the Congress government, they had got a market, but today the same SHGs say they are not receiving any government support. They say they are unable to buy yarn because of skyrocketing prices. They are under burden of debt. And, as a result, they are compelled to sell off household goods for a living,” Gogoi said.

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“If the Congress is voted to power, I promise you that all the micro finance loans on women will be waived. The government will provide free yarn to weavers,” he added.

The BJP has also been promising waiver of micro finance loans, and Rs 3 lakh to SHGs in two instalments if it retains power in Dispur.

Calling for women’s empowerment, the state Congress manifesto committee chairman also promised that there would be 50 per cent reservation for women candidates in the 5 lakh government jobs the Congress has promised if it is voted to power.

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