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Blood-red flood in Indonesia’s village, triggers frenzy on social media

INDONESIA: A village in Indonesia has been inundated by blood-red water after flooding hit a fabric dyeing center in central Java, triggers frenzy on social media sites.


Thousands of people took to microblogging site Twitter and shared photos and videos of the flooded village in crimson-coloured water in south of Pekalongan city in Central Java which some social media users said it reminded them of blood. While Dimas Arga Yudha, head of Pekalongan disaster relief, confirmed that the photos being circulated are real.


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The crimson dye was released through the street of Jenggot in central Java on Saturday.


According to reports, the red flood is due to the batik dye, which was hit by the flood, and it will vanish when it mixes with rain after a while.


It is to be mentioned that this is not the first time it happened, earlier also rivers in Pekalongan have changed colour due to the dyes used in making batik designs. Earlier last month another village was flooded with bright green water.



Pekalongan is a city known for making batik, a traditional Indonesian process of using wax to avoid water-based dyes typically on cloth, to depict patterns and drawings.


Indonesia is frequently hit by flooding. Earlier this year following a storm that hit the capital Jakarta as many as 43 people killed.


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