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Boroks will cease to exist in 5-10 years sans unity: Royal scion Pradyot Manikya

AGARTALA: At one of the biggest pre-election rallies ahead of the ensuing Tribal Council polls in Tripura, royal scion Pradyot Manikya pinpointed why he is “fighting” in order to secure a political majority.

Addressing a 20,000 strong gathering in Tripura’s Bishramganj, Manikya, while appealing all regional parties to band together, said that the ensuing ADC polls will be crucial for the indigenous people and an unfavourable outcome could spell doom for their future.

“What is this ADC election? If we are unable to forge an alliance with INPT and other parties. In 2024, delimitation will be there. The Borok people, who were once 90%…then the numbers dwindled to 80%, 70%, 40%, now we number 30%. Let me tell you, in 5-10 years, our people will be wiped out. This is what I am fighting for. I am not fighting for votes.”

The scion of the erstwhile Manikya dynasty also took jibes at BJP MP Rebati Tripura for his recent attacks on TIPRA.

Manikya, getting teary-eyed at one point, exclaimed, “I am not fighting for myself, I am fighting for you. If I had to fight, I could have easily become a Minister and sat comfortably in New Delhi.”
Meanwhile, there are rumours that the recent the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) and the Tiparaha Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) may have been superficial.

The IPFT’s absence at the rally in Bishramganj has led to rumours that all is not well among the new allies.

On February 19, the IPFT allied with TIPRA and announced they would contest the district council election together.

The IPFT, which is part of the BJP-led state government, was reportedly invited to the rally. However, chief Narendra Chandra Debbarma and other leaders did not turn up.

However, Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra (INPT) chief Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhwal was present in the rally and will contest the poll with TIPRA.

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