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Breaking | Huge wild elephant runs riot on the streets of Guwahati city

Guwahati, April 30, 2019:

A huge wild elephant is creating mayhem all over the city of Guwahati. As of this moment, the wild elephant is headed to the Christian Basti from Ganeshguri area.

The Government and forest officials are keeping a close watch on the situation. Many people have been seen running helter-skelter due to the terror of coming under the magnificent beast’s pillar-like legs.

The elephant is simply strolling around the city in a state of confusion. Meanwhile, it has led to traffic jam in various parts of the city.

It is unclear how the wild jumbo landed up in the midst of the city.

The ultimate cause of the destruction of the elephants’ habitat in NE India is the rapid growth of the human population in this region. Unless the growth rate of the human population is controlled, a lasting solution to human-elephant conflicts may not be possible.

More to come.

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