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Canadian doctor delivers baby on flight from Qatar to Uganda

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NEW DELHI: Dr Aisha Khatib, a professor at the University of Toronto, has helped deliver a ‘miracle baby’ aboard a Qatar Airlines flight en route to Uganda.

Khatib was just catching up on some rest on her flight from Qatar to Uganda when the intercom sounded.

A voice asked if there was a doctor on board, and Dr Khatib didn’t think twice about springing to action and helping a woman deliver her first child, who was named ‘Miracle Aisha’ after her.
The incident took place onb December 5, when Dr Khatib was on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar, to Entebbe, Uganda, where she was travelling to for work and medical training.
The call for help came about an hour into Dr. Khatib’s journey.
She told BBC that she saw the woman lying on the seat with her head toward the aisle and feet towards the window and the baby was coming out!

Two others passengers, an oncology nurse and a paediatrician from Doctors Without Borders (MSF), helped Dr Khatib deliver the child, who she said was crying “robustly”.

“I looked at the baby, and she was stable, and I looked at the mom and she was OK,” Dr Khatib said.

“So I was like, ‘Congratulations it’s a girl.’ Then the entire plane started clapping and cheering and was like ‘Oh right, I’m on a plane and everybody is watching this.'”

Dr Khatib also gave the baby a gift to remember her by – a gold necklace that she was wearing with the name ‘Aisha’ written in Arabic.

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