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CM Sonowal did not speak a single word on my behalf: RP Sarmah

Guwahati, March 16, 2019:

The resignation of present Tezpur MP Ram Prasad Sarmah from the BJP party has proven that all is not well within the BJP camp ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The senior BJP leader has alleged that the party did not respect his wishes to contest the election despite 30 years of service to the party.


Addressing the press on Saturday after announcing his resignation on social media, the senior BJP man said: “I opposed Himanta Biswa Sarma’s nomination in 2015 because I knew it would ultimately come to this. I had forewarned against it as I knew that this day would come. I was ejected from the core committee and then I was removed from the election committee too because I had opposed the AGP-BJP alliance.”

The senior leader also expressed dissatisfaction with the party leadership “I knew that the BJP people would disappear. I had always defended Sarbananda Sonowal and supported him for the post of Chief Minister. I sent a letter to Ramlal to nominate Sonowal as CM, but surprisingly, Sonowal did not speak a single word on my behalf during the recently held party meeting.

Sarmah also told the BJP not to give him ‘lollipops’ like Governor post and added that there is still time as nominations will be filed on the 25th. “I am ready with all necessary papers and documents”, he added.

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