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Congress takes stand only to protect its dynasty, democracy not in its agenda: Smriti Irani

GUWAHATI: Union textile minister Smriti Irani today said the Congress always takes a stand in favour of its dynastic politics and its opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has exposed it’s also against the Christians, Jews and Sikhs along with the Hindus.

Asked by the media if the BJP comes to power, will the CAA be implemented in Assam along with West Bengal, Irani said: “I am sure the people has the knowledge that the CAA has been enacted to safeguard the persecuted Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Parsies in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The Congress has definitely politicised it. The Congress had always in the past taken anti-Hindu stands. But, this is the first time people have learnt that it has launched a mission against the Christians, Jews and Sikhs as well.”

“The Congress always takes a stand that protects its dynastic politics. Protection of democracy is never the agenda of Congress,” she added.

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The BJP in its West Bengal manifesto has declared CAA will be implemented if it comes to power in the state.

She also found herself short of an answer when it came to the question of funds for proposed flood control of the Brahmaputra by digging up lakes and reservoirs along the river when the BJP government’s earlier promise of dredging the river and constructing expressways on both banks never materialised and eventually turned out to be false promise when the Parliament was told there was not such provision.

Skirting the question from a journalist, Irani went on to claim achievements in the state over the past seven years of BJP government at the Centre from Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to Ayushman Bharat etc. When the question was repeated, the minister said the vast difference in allocation for Assam from Rs 2400 crore during Congress to Rs 9500 crore in BJP regime for development was indicative that the flood situation in the state will also be answered.

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Union home minister Amit Shah has been repeatedly speaking about digging up lakes and reservoirs  along the mighty river to accommodate excess water and use those water bodies for irrigation and tourism purposes.

When asked if All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal, who does not even bother to respond to repeated jibes and attacks by the BJP and its allies, was a big issue for the BJP in the Assam elections, Irani said: “Those who are not going to win will not care to respond. He knows they are going to lose.”

“Ajmal is a big issue only for Rahul Gandhi … Should every responsible citizen then respond to such a gentleman who hopes to break up communities and spread fear only so that he can electorally gain? Is your position that such rabid should not be responded to?” Irani added.

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