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Conrad, Joykumar harp on development chord to woo Garo Hills voters

SHILLONG: Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma continued his vigorous election campaign today along with Manipur deputy chief minister Joykumar Yumnam, Rakkam Sangma and Siju Rongara MLA in Chokpot, South Garo Hills.

The CM said at the meeting that the election is easy to decide because people will vote for a party that is trying to make a difference in the state.

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He added the crowd that the Congress had not been able to ensure much development in Meghalaya during their 10-year term, but that the NPP has ushered in major development interventions in just three years, which would turn around the development situation in the Garo Hills and the state.

Rakkam Sangma urged Chokpot residents to see the bright side of the political situation and vote for the NPP in the upcoming election.

The CM spoke at several meetings including one at Deku Bazar, to seek support for the party’s Rongrikkimgre GHADC constituency candidate Wenison Ch Marak.

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Yumnam, speaking at a Deku Bazar election meeting, recalled PA Sangma’s contribution to Indian politics and claimed that the people of Garo Hills were fortunate to have been blessed by an iconic politician in PA Sangma, who is revered throughout the region.

He said the NPP as a party works to be the voice of the people of this region, citing the party’s philosophy of working for the welfare of indigenous peoples, minorities and the weaker sections of society.

Further, the deputy CM added, that regional parties play a minor role, and it is important for people to understand this and vote for a party that will play a greater role in the region’s common good. He told the audience that the NPP was working together throughout the region to make the region’s voice heard loud and clear.

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