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COVID-19: Persons visiting Mizoram for a short stay need to follow these revised guidelines

AIZAWL: The Government of Mizoram in a fresh set of guidelines released by the Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Department made 7 days quarantine and COVID-19 testing at the entry point mandatory for all the persons visiting the state including the nonresidents visiting for a short stay.

However, if nonresidents of the state visit for a shorter period of time be it for official business, technical experts or persons with specializations whose services are required by Government Departments, Companies then they have to stay only in hotels or guest houses arranged by their sponsor/employer/agency.

The cost of boarding and lodging, transportation and COVID-19 tests shall be borne either by the individual or their sponsors.

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All the persons visiting for the same purpose are strictly instructed to monitor their health and also to avoid having contact with others.

The movement of those individuals should be restricted to sites/offices that are part of their work itinerary and also their sponsors/sponsoring departments are bound to provide them quarantine facility and transportation.

Persons entering Mizoram via Lengpui Airport can utilize rented cars and taxis impaneled by the Government as well as their private vehicles if proper partitioning is made between the driver’s and the passenger’s seat. Passengers bound to other districts cannot stop en route and mandatorily need to head directly to their destination.

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