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Daddy did change the world, Biden tells George Floyd’s daughter after court verdict

WASHINGTON: United States president Joe Biden said “daddy did change the world” while talking to Gianna Floyd, daughter of George Floyd who was brutally murdered by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin after a jury convicted the former cop in George’s murder.

Chauvin was pronounced guilty of George’s murder by a jury on Tuesday and convicted him in three charges of second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter.

The unanimous verdict was announced by a jury comprising six white and six racial minorities. Three other officers were also found guilty of abetting as well as aiding a murder in the second degree.

Chauvin faces 40 years of imprisonment. The sentence is yet to be pronounced.

An emotional Philonise Floyd, brother of George, described the verdict, he witnessed sitting in the courtroom, as “a moment I would never be able to relive, I will always have inside of me.”

The decision was hailed in Washington DC by President Biden and vice president Kamala Harris, the first African American woman in the office. Former US president Barack Obama has also voiced in the support of the verdict.

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The three-week-long trial kept the entire nation on edge and a huge crowd gathered outside the Minneapolis courtroom and broke down in tears of relief and cheered up in happiness.

On May 25 last year, in a video reportedly shot by a bystander teenage girl, it could be seen that the white Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin had pinned African American man George Floyd by knee on the road while George was constantly repeating “I can’t breathe.”

George had lost his life in the incident and the United States witnessed a major protest “Black Lives Matter” since its Civil Rights Movement in 1960.
George’s then six-year-old daughter Gianna said taking part in the massive protest “Daddy changed the world”. POTUS Biden had also said talking to Gianna after the verdict “Daddy did change the world.”

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