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Delhi Abhiyan demanding Tipraland to take off in November: Pradyot Manikya

  • Delhi Abhiyan demanding Tipraland to take off in November: Pradyot Manikya

AGARTALA: TIPRA Chief Pradyot Manikya stated that Delhi Abhiyan will take off in the first week of November.

Speaking further he informed that Delhi Abhiyan is ready. The government has not permitted to gather more than 200 people at Jantar Mantar, he informed.

“Nearly 1200 people will be leaving for Delhi Abhiyan on the first week of November. The dates will announced soon”, added the Royal Scion .

He informed that the main objective of the abhiyan is that India should know about Tripura and there are issues. Only the centre can resolve the issuen we are also citizens of India. We demand greater Tipraland. We want to talk. We don’t want to talk about parties, MLAs or alliance. We want to talk about our people.

He stated that probably this is the first time someone from the Royal family will be sitting with the people at Jantar Mantar for the demand.

He further talked about the recent attacks in Bangladesh. He also expressed concern over the situation in Bangladesh and stated that it might create problem for India

“What will you gain from violence?”, he questioned.

People in India are also retaliating on the incident. Violence is not the solution. This is wrong. If they are doing something wrong that doesn’t mean we too should repeat it, he said.

Whatever is happening in Bangladesh is a big controversy, he added.

“The guilty will be punished. Sheikh Hasina is our friend and I am sure she will take action against the guilty. Incidents of inflicting atricities on minorities is even in Tripura cannot be tolerated”, he said.

“What’s the point if we cannot protect out own minorities. Many such incidents are happening in Tripura. I want to warn them that retaliation is not a solution”, he added.

He informed that Tripura has always had a unique culture. The Royal family of Tripura has never discriminated anyone based on religion. A mosque was built in Tripura Namaz is still chanted twice a week in Ujjayanta Palace in Tripura.

He suggested that people need to maintain brotherhood and friendship and no one will gain anything by violence.

“I am worried that if the situation in Bangladesh doesnt improve, it may create prpblems for India as well. If Sheikh Hasina weakens and communal elements seep in, neatly 1,70,00, 000 hindu minorities will suffer.

He added that if India doesn’t support her, where will the minorities go. “If people start migrating, it is going to create problem for us as well”, he said.

“I am a Tiprasa first then I am a bubagra”, he added

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