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Detailed Guide On Carrom Board Rules You Should Know

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Carrom board is a game from our childhood that has carried the most intriguing and frivolous aspect of our childhood for many years. Carrom is a game that is played throughout India and even in Southeast Asia, therefore it has its own place and personality. 


However, in the last four or five decades, this game has grown in popularity and appeal around the world. It is not merely a family game, since the establishment of the ICF (International Carrom Federation) demonstrates the carrom rules, game’s importance and high calibre.

  • Aim of the Players


The major focus of this game is the pocketing of carrom men and queens. In other terms, a player hits or flicks the striker to move or hit the carrom men or queen into a pocket of the carrom body with his or her fingertips. It implies that all you have to do as a player is strike the miniature carrom men into the holes on the four ends of the carrom body.

  • The Size Of The Team


The game of carrom board can be played in singles and doubles in both men and women’s categories, with a maximum team size of two. This game is not played in a mixed doubles format. It’s a carrom rule that players of the same nationality can only participate on the same team in all national and international games in doubles.

  • The  toss


The umpire is in charge of the toss, which determines who will bat first or who will play first. However, instead of flipping a coin, the umpire hides each white and black carrom man in his hand and asks the players to guess it. The player who correctly predicted the colour wins and gets to strike first. He or she also gets to pick the sides and the first break.

  • Preparation


This game is played by two players who sit opposite one another. The queen will be put in the middle of the carrom board at the start. The carrom men will then create a circle around the queen in the inner circle, with each carrom man touching the other carrom men and the queen. 


The remaining carrom men will be positioned in the same manner as the inner circle. And both colour parts must be present in these circles.

  • The significance of Queen


The queen is the most crucial aspect of this game because if a player wants to win, she or he must pocket both the queen and the cover. As carrom rule says, to obtain the queen, you must first pocket the wrapped item. If you get a queen but don’t pocket the covering, for example, the queen will be returned to the carrom board. The finest part is that the player who gets the queen and the cover receives an additional point.

  • Terms that are commonly used in carrom


Queen – It’s a red circle-shaped piece with the maximum number of points of any of the components.


Foul – Any blow or move that is against the rules of the game is deemed a foul.


Break – A break is the very first strike in the game.


Strike – A strike occurs when a player hits the carrom guys with the striker.


Covering – When a player pockets the carrom men after pocketing the queen, this is known as covering.


Thumbing – When the thumb is used to make a strike.


white slam – It alludes to the act of pocketing all-white carrom men.


Black slam – A black slam occurs when all of the black carrom men are pocketed.

  • Regulations and rules


For national and international games, the International Carrom Federation has established various carrom rules and regulations. It also oversees the players’ rankings and the scheduling of new events and matches. The United States Carrom Association, Australian Carrom Federation, and All India Carrom Federation are all affiliated with the ICF.


Initial rule


In their initial turn, players have three chances to “break.” It makes no difference whether the striker hits the carrom men or not in certain situations. When a player pockets the desired colour carrom or queen, though, he is given a second opportunity. If he or she makes a foul or is unable to pocket any pieces, the strike will be passed to the next player.


Covering The queen


A player must first pocket the queen, and then, on the very first opportunity, pocket the other carrom men of his selected colour. If he or she does not succeed, as a carrom rule the queen will be returned to the board.




Carrom has a maximum score of 29 points. If a player has less than 24 points at the end of the game and also has the queen, he or she will receive a bonus of five points. However, if he/she scores 24 or more points, the queen will not bring the player’s reward.




When a player breaks the carrom rules of the game and commits a foul, he or she must pay the penalty, which ends his or her opportunity to strike.


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