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Dimapur to enforce Amended Motor Vehicle Act from October

DIMAPUR: The amended Motor Vehicle Act with enhanced penalties will come into force in Dimapur district from October.

The Motor Vehicle Act 1989 as amended by the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 was notified by the Nagaland government on November 12, 2020, for compounding of various offences under the Act.

The Dimapur traffic police, in a notification on Monday, reminded all concerned to be aware and conversant with the amended Act so as to avoid conflict with the law. The notification said Dimapur traffic police will enforce the amended Act in letter and spirit.

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To know the complete list of offences and penalties, the Dimapur traffic police requested all concerned to follow the official Facebook and Twitter handle of Dimapur police or check the government notification NO.TPT/MV/09/2019 of November 12, 2020.

Police also reminded that the Supreme Court prohibited the use of any visual light transmission percentage or any other material upon safety glasses, windscreens and side glasses in all vehicles throughout the country with effect from May 4, 2012, keeping in view the alarming rise in heinous crimes.

Police personnel or any other authorised persons will penalize/challan owners of such vehicles for violation of Rules 92 and 100 of Motor Vehicle Rules and remove black films from the offending vehicles.

The police will start checking tinted glasses or black films and use of unauthorized flasher lights or blinkers at regular intervals and the offending vehicles will be penalised, the notification added.

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