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Assam YouTuber Dimpu Baruah creates history as his channel hits 2 million subs


GUWAHATI: Dimpu Baruah, the quirky internet celebrity from Assam known for his catchphrase “Hey dosto” has amassed 2 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

Baruah, whose ‘Dimpu’s Vlogs’ inarguably the biggest YouTube channel in Assam in terms of followers, took to Facebook to share the good news with his fanbase.

“My little hard work and effort, and rest is your excessive love and affection has propelled a personal YouTube channel of Assam to cross 2 million subscribers. It’s really unbelievable, it feels like a dream,” Baruah wrote in his post, adding that he will be releasing more content.

He also added that he will never exploit the love and affection that people have for him in a “bad manner” and keep creating content that everyone can “learn” and “feel good” watching.

Baruah, who has humble origins, has come a long way since his humorous content started going viral in the state. He has also been seen on regional television and is considered an icon for the youth. Not only that, he has rubbed shoulders with the creme de la creme of Assamese society — from politicians to cinestars to musicians.

He also boasts of several lakh followers on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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