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Does Health Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19?

The announced pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the lives of millions of people all over the world.

As per the recent survey, about 3.1 crore people have been impacted by COVID-19 and 4.12 Lakh people lost their lives (July 15th, 2021).


Given the rising number of cases, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued a circular asking insurers to include Health Insurance Policies that further includes protection against corona virus-related expenditures.

What Is Coronavirus Insurance Policy?


Covid 19 is a major health issue that requires hospitalization and covid insurance policies include pre-and post-hospitalization charges and other healthcare costs related to COVID-19 therapy. This insurance policy is tailored to cover expenses of covid 19. In India, nearly every Health Insurance policy now covers coronavirus treatment.


Just after the patient is tested positive for Coronavirus, coverage can be offered on the same day. Covid 19 and its insurance have just been added to several insurance companies because it is not a pre-existing disease category. Being a new disease, it was not earlier found in the existing plans.

Why Insurance For Coronavirus?


Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that spreads primarily by outlets when an infected individual sneezes or coughs. To prevent the virus from spreading, one needs to be highly cautious. There have been many cases of covid 19 since last one year. This is a disease that spreads fast in respiratory organs that makes it very essential to opt for the best treatment. Every treatment comes with an attached cost that makes it essential to cover it with insurance.


COVID-19’s Impact on Health Insurance Policy


Taking a Health Insurance Policy for Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be particularly advantageous in the continuing pandemic crisis, where Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not expected to go away soon. This is because an individual who is covered by a coronavirus Health Insurance plan will be benefited as this virus is specifically intended to cover the high costs of treatment. This was the reason why different Corona Kavach insurance have been added by companies.


A COVID-19 Health Insurance policy covers a variety of hospitalization, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization expenses, allowing the patient to concentrate on his quick recovery.


COVID-19 is an undiscovered strain of virus that necessitates testing, treatment, and isolation in a medical department. It is thus important to go for COVID-19 insurance plans that include the following


Extended Coverage For Hospitalization

Viruses like COVID-19 may necessitate a patient’s observation for days or weeks. With extended coverage to hospitalization protection, one may prevent exorbitant medical costs in the event of an emergency. Alternatively, he can purchase a supplementary plan to support his current health coverage.


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