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Don’t even know Rajkanya Baruah, says Dr Navanil Baruah at Dispur Police Station

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GUWAHATI: GNRC doctor Navanil Baruah has appeared at the police station today after a summon was issued in his name in a case related to Rajkanya Baruah’s ‘doubtful’ medical report.

“I did not try to save anyone. I have not done anything wrong. I do not even know Rajkanya Baruah,” said Dr Navanil Baruah talking with the press persons outside Dispur Police Station.

“I did not check her into ICU,” Dr Baruah claimed.

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Rajkanya Baruah, who had severely injured nine in a road accident in Guwahati allegedly under the influence of alcohol, did not appear before police giving the reason of poor health condition and checked into GNRC’s, a private hospital in the city, intensive care unit.

After a six-member team of Gauhati Medical College and Hospital doctors had found Rajkanya Baruah in fine condition notice was issued against GNRC and Dr Navanil Baruah, who was the in-charge of Rajkanya Baruah’s treatment, for furnishing forged medical report.

Allegedly, Dr Navanil Baruah had posted in support of Rajkanya Baruah on Facebook after the accident. Later, when that post received massive backlash Dr Baruah had to remove it from his account.

According to sources, an MLA’s name is also getting involved in this whole Rajkanya Baruah fiasco for helping her.

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