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Economic Blockade should be withdrawn immediately Assam- Mizoram border urges Axom Nagarik Samaj

Guwahati: Axom Nagarik Samaj, a citizen body from the state has urged the concerned authorities to withdraw economic blockade between Assam and Mizoram following the border clash on July 26.

In a statement, the organization said, “Following the clash, all vehicles carrying supplies, life-saving drugs and even COVID vaccines to Mizoram are being stopped at the border, which has created a dire scarcity of supplies in Mizoram. Till date the Government of Assam and Government of India haven’t done anything to remove the blockade.”

The citizen body further stated that the Assam-Mizoram border dispute must be resolved through a process of negotiations, taking all the stakeholders into confidence.

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“Economic blockade is no solution. We appeal to all concerned that the economic blockade should be withdrawn immediately and free flow of supplies ensured so that common people in Mizoram don’t suffer.” It said.

The body also stated that “mainstream India may intervene” and “interfere with “autonomy” if both the states fail to resolve the differences and disputes through negotiations and mutual understanding without undermining each other’s interest.

“If we fail to do that the so called mainstream India may intervene in our disputes and try to coerce us through their domineering tactics and interfere with our autonomy. Such tell-tale signs are already there. We belong to India and we uphold the true spirit of federalism. But under no circumstances we should surrender our autonomy for which mutual trust, solidarity and understanding among us is an imperative.” It said.

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